Francesco Francavilla – Guest 2017

by on Aug.29, 2017, under Artist Spotlight, Guests

We are excited to have Francesco Francavilla joining us for DragonCon! He has drawn Afterlife With Archie. He recently wrote and drew The Spirit for Dynamite Entertainment. He’s also done many amazing covers for Dynamtie & Aftershock Comics!

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Guest & Attending Artist Listing 2017

by on Aug.27, 2017, under Announcements, Guests

Jarrod Carl Alberich
Dane Ault
Mark Bagley
Gabo Bautista
Tom Biondolillo
April M. Borchelt
Andy Brase
Jennie Breeden
Jenevieve Broomall
Matthew J. Brown
Bob Burden
Erik S. Burnham
James Burns
Peter Capn’ Cutler
Peter David
Delilah S. Dawson
Kelly Sue DeConnick
Guy Dorian
Mark Dos Santos
Annie Erskine
Ben Fisher
Brenden Fletcher
Matt Fraction
Francesco Francavilla
Anthony Francis
Matt Frank
Chandra Free
Andrew E.C. Gaska
Gary Gianni
Henry Gilroy
Michael Gordon
Josh Greathouse
Sanford Greene
Larry Hama
Travis J. Hanson
Scott Harben
Joe Harris
Tom Heintjes
Lea Hernandez
Bill Holbrook
Kathryn Hudson
Megan Hutchison
Lora Innes
Georges Jeanty
Paul Jenkins
Van Jensen
Robert Jimenez
Joseph James Karg
Joe Kelly
Stan Lee
John Lotshaw
Comfort Love & Adam Withers
Leigh Luna
David Mack
Jim Mahfood
Shaun Manning
Amy Mebberson
Mike Miller
Dean Motter
Ted Naifeh
Bobby Nash
Eric END Ninaltowski
Jai Nitz
Ande Parks
Benjamin Percy
Andy Price
Joe Pruett
Livio J. Ramondelli
Afua Richardson
Natalie Romero
Don Rosa
Duncan Rouleau
Andy Runton
Dan Schoening
Chris Schweizer
Steven T. Seagle
Tony Shasteen
James Silvani
Dietrich O Smith
Roxanne Starr
Tad Stones
Jonathan Tarbox
Babs Tarr
Adam Bryce Thoams
Frank Tieri
Dexter Vines
Christian Waggoner
David Thorn Wenzel
Kelly Yates
Thomas Zahler


2017 Attending Artists

Marena Arakaki                
Javier Avila                      
Arthur Ball                       
Jennifer Bennett              
Winston Bolen                  
Brett Brooks                     
Greg Burnham
Jonathan Chaffin             
Andrew Charipar             
Crystal “Cryssy” Cheung 
Jacqueline Choe             
Brian Colin                      
Dave Cook                       
Andrew Day                    
Eric Dotson                     
Shawn Durington            
Chris Ehnot                     
Marc Fishman
Autumn Frederickson     
Newsha Ghasemi
Chris Gianelloni              
Mike Groves                    
Danny Haas                     
Karen Hallion                  
Trav Hart                         
Robert Hendrickson          
Marshall Hinson and Bernie Cooke  
Cassie Kelly                       
Caleb King                         
Michael Klapthor               
Tony Kordos                      
Megan Lara                       
Megan Lavey-Heaton         
Betty Liao                          
Sarah Marks                       
Shawn McCauley                
Jim Mehsling                      
Kfir Mendel                         
J.R. Mounts
Tony Moy                            
Jon Pinto                             
Bianca Roman-Stumpff        
Naomi Romero                    
Scott Rorie
Stuart Sandler                    
J. Spencer Shull                 
Bryan SilverBaX                 
Joey Spiotto                      
Kit Steele                          
Kendra Stout                     
Nathan Szerdy                   
Michael Terracciano          
Jason Thomas                    

Tyler Walpole

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David Mack – Guest 2017

by on Aug.25, 2017, under Announcements, Artist Spotlight, Guests

Let’s welcome artist David Mack to Dragon Con 2017! He has recently done covers for Fight Club 2 and is the current cover artist on American Gods and Jessica Jones!

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Dexter Vines – Guest 2017

by on Aug.17, 2017, under Announcements, Artist Spotlight, Guests

Dexter Vines is one of comics best inkers and also an Atlanta native. He’s worked on Marvel’s Civil War, Old Man Logan, Superman/ Batman Public Enemies, and so much more! Let’s welcome him back to DragonCon!

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Lora Innes – Guest 2017

by on Aug.15, 2017, under Announcements, Artist Spotlight, Guests

Let’s welcome Lora Innes, artist of Wynonna Earp to DragonCon 2017!

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Tad Stones & James Silvani – Guests 2017

by on Aug.10, 2017, under Announcements, Artist Spotlight, Guests

Are you a Darkwing Duck fan? We have artist James Silvani as well as the creator of Darkwing Duck himself, Tad Stones!

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Erik Burnham & Dan Schoening – Guests 2017

by on Aug.08, 2017, under Announcements, Artist Spotlight, Guests

Let’s welcome the writer and artist of IDW’s Ghostbusters to DragonCon! We’re happy to have Erik Burnham & Dan Schoening joining us this year.

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Paul Jenkins – Guest 2017

by on Aug.02, 2017, under Announcements, Artist Spotlight, Guests

Paul Jenkins will be joining us again at DragonCon! Fans will remember his long popular runs on Marvel heroes like Spider-Man & Hulk. He wrote the very popular Wolverine: Origin as well as Inhumans and The Sentry for Marvel Knights. Currently, his series Alters is being published at Aftershock Comics!

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Joe Pruett – Guest 2017

by on Jul.31, 2017, under Announcements, Artist Spotlight, Guests

We are very excited to have the Publisher of Atlanta based Aftershock Comics: Joe Pruett joining us for DragonCon! In addition, he is the writer for the comic Black Eyed Kids. Aftershock Comics has some of the industry’s best talent on their comics and many of them will be in attendance at DragonCon as well!

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Duncan Rouleau – Guest 2017

by on Jul.27, 2017, under Announcements, Artist Spotlight, Guests

Duncan Rouleau joins us for his first DragonCon! He has drawn many titles for DC & Marvel, written & drawn Metal Men, and co-created Big Hero 6 in the pages of Alpha Flight. He is a founding member of the Man of Action Animation writing studio responsible for creating Ben 10, Generator Rex, and scripts for many popular animated series.

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