Dragon Con 2020 Comics Programming

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Stay tuned closer to the convention to see our full schedule of 2020 Comics Programming Panels.

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Comics Programming 2019 Schedule

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Dragon Con 2019 Comics Programming Schedule

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Stay tuned for the Dragon Con 2019 Comics Programming Schedule release closer to the convention.

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Comics & Pop Art Programming – 2018

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Friday, August 31st  

11:30am  Pop Artists Extraordinaire  (Americas Mart2 204I)


11:30am  Art of Middle Earth: David Thorn Wenzel  (Americas Mart2  204J)


1pm   Comics Legend George Perez  (Americas Mart2 204I)


1pm  Conquering Your Graphic Novel: Creators of Conquest of Canaan               (Americas Mart2 204J)


2:30pm  The Spiderverse: More than just Peter Parker  (Americas Mart2 204I)


2:30pm   TMNT : The IDW Era   (Americas Mart2 204J)


4pm   Welcome to Wakanda     (Americas Mart2 204I)


4pm  Mastering The Art of Sculpting With The Shiflett Brothers   (Americas Mart2 204J)


5:30pm  How to Create Comics with SCAD Teacher Bob Pendarvis  (Americas Mart2 204I)


5:30pm   Racial Representation in Marvel Comics   (Americas Mart2 204J)


5:30pm   Batman and the Heroes of Gotham   (Hyatt – International North)


8:30pm Whose Line Is It Comic Book Improv    (Hyatt – Centennial I)


Saturday,  Sept. 1st 

11:30am   Indie Comics    (Americas Mart2 204I)


11:30am    Military Comics: Sgt Rock    (Americas Mart2 204J)


1:00pm   Let’s Build A Team    (Americas Mart2 204I)


1:00pm   Pop Culture Pedagogy: Learning Through Engagement                              (Americas Mart2 204J)


1:00pm  80 Years of Superman     (Hyatt – International North)


2:30pm  From Screen to Comics      (Americas Mart2 204I)


2:30pm  Gender In Comics       (Americas Mart2 204J)


2:30pm   The Teen Titans Over the Years   (Hyatt – Centennial I)


4:00pm    Dark Horse Comics     (Americas Mart2 204I)


4:00pm   After The Pencils      (Americas Mart2 204J)


5:30pm   DC Comics Artists      (Americas Mart2 204I)


5:30pm   Horror Comics       (Americas Mart2 204J)


5:30pm  Marvel Vs. DC Trivia       (Hyatt – International South)


Sunday,  Sept. 2nd

11:30am  The Art of the Tiki  (Americas Mart2 204I)


11:30am   The Big Owly Hootenanny (Americas Mart2 204J)


1:00pm  DC Comics Collectibles Artist Alley Line (Americas Mart2 204I)


1:00pm   Politics & Patriotism in Comics  (Americas Mart2 204J)


2:30pm   Image Comics   (Americas Mart2 204I)


2:30pm  The Science of Shipping  (Americas Mart2 204J)


4:00pm   Dynamite Entertainment Company  (Americas Mart2 204I)


4:00pm   WWE Wrestling from Boom Comics   (Americas Mart2 204J)


5:30pm  Atlantis: The Animated Series That Almost Was   (Americas Mart2 204I)


5:30pm  Judging a Comic by Its Cover Art   (Americas Mart2 204J)


8:30pm  Steve Ditko: The Creator of Spider-Man Remembered    (Hyatt – International North)


Monday, Sept. 3rd

11:30am  Tracing Superman’s History over 80 Years    (Americas Mart2 204I)


11:30am  Young, Gifted, and Black: Considering Race in the Marvel Universe                         (Americas Mart2 204J)


1:00pm   State of the Comics Industry 2018   (Americas Mart2 204I)


1:00pm  Translating Ideas through Comics: Concept, Structure, & Language                         (Americas Mart2 204J)


2:30pm  Creating Iconic Characters    (Americas Mart2 204I)


2:30pm  Cataloging Days & Future Past: A Small College & Large Comics Archive                 (Americas Mart2 204J)





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Dragon Con Comics & Pop Art 2018

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We hope everyone had a terrific Dragon Con 2017!  Share the highlights of last year’s con over on our Facebook pages (Dragon Con Comics & Pop Art,  and Dragon Con Comics & Pop Art Programming).

Stay turned here and the Facebook pages for announcements on Dragon Con Comics & Pop Art 2018 as they happen!

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Comics & Pop Art Programming Schedule 2017

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Friday, Sep 1

10:00am                                                                                                                                                        * Star Wars Animated & Comics Extended Universe          Chastain I-J (Westin)

11:30 am                                                                                                                                                          * Adam West Remembered: A Fanboy’s Gateway             Chastain I-J (Westin)

1:00 pm                                                                                                                                                          *The Big 2 vs. Indie Comics                                              Chastain I-J (Westin)

*  Non-Traditional Visual Storytelling                              Hanover C-E (Hyatt)

2:30 pm

*  Let’s Make a Hero                                                    Chastain I-J (Westin)

4:00 pm                                                                                                                                                          * All Ages Pages                                                                Chastain I-J (Westin)

5:30 pm                                                                                                                                                          * Motor Crush                                                           Chastain I-J (Westin)

7:00 pm

* Racial Representation in Marvel                                   Chastain I-J (Westin)

* DC Comics Rebirth                                                   International North (Hyatt)

8:30 pm

* Dark Tower: Comic vs. Movie vs. Novel                      Chastain I-J (Westin)

10:00 pm

* Sex & Gender Issues in Comics                                      Chastain I-J (Westin)



Saturday, Sep 2
10:00am                                                                                                                                                        * Making of the Dragon Con Badge Art                                     Chastain I-J (Westin)

11:30 am                                                                                                                                                          * Licensed Comic Characters: More Than Meets The Eye      Chastain I-J (Westin)

1:00 pm                                                                                                                                                          *The World of Buffy and Angel In Comics                                      Chastain I-J (Westin)

*  Milkfed Criminal Masterminds: Matt & Kelly Sue                   Centennial I (Hyatt)

2:30 pm

*  Fashion In Comics                                                                     Chastain I-J (Westin)

4:00 pm

* Let’s Make a Villain                                                                   Chastain I-J (Westin)

* Aftershock Comics                                                              International South (Hyatt)

5:30 pm

* Deadpool In The 90’s with Joe Kelly                                   Chastain I-J (Westin)

* Horror Comes to Archie Comics                                          International South (Hyatt)

* Marvel vs. DC Trivia                                                             Hanover C-E (Hyatt)

7:00 pm

* Educational Developmental Role of Comics                        Chastain I-J (Westin)

* 100th Anniversary of Comics Legends: Jack Kirby & Will Eisner

International South (Hyatt)

8:30 pm

* Van Jenson U.S. Ambassador of Comic Books                      Chastain I-J (Westin)

* Love Is Love: The Orlando Shooting Benefit Comic              International North (Hyatt)

10:00 pm

* Comics Studies Roundtable                                                        Chastain I-J (Westin)



Sunday, Sep 3

8:30 am

*  Digital Inking With Vector Art                                                 Chastain I-J (Westin)

10:00 am

*  The Big Owly Hootenanny                                                         Chastain I-J (Westin)

11:30 am

*  The Art of the Tiki                                                                   Chastain I-J (Westin)

1:00 pm

*  Judging Comics By The Cover                                                   Chastain I-J (Westin)

* Teen Titans and Young Justice In Comics                                  Regency V (Hyatt)

2:30 pm

* Storytelling With Larry Hama                                                    Chastain I-J (Westin)

* Creating Your Own Worlds                                                         Regency V (Hyatt)

4:00 pm

* Wonderful World of Disney & Henson Comics                       Chastain I-J (Westin)

* Image Comics: 25th Year Anniversary                                 International North (Hyatt)

5:30 pm

* Dark Horse Through The Years                                                   Chastain I-J (Westin)

7:00 pm

* Philosophy In Brightest Day, Blackest Night                           Chastain I-J (Westin)

* Superman Vs. The Elite: Screening with Live Q&A            International North (Hyatt)

8:30 pm

* Race, Gender, & Culture in Comics                                             Chastain I-J (Westin)

10:00 pm

* Politics, Power, & The Other in Superhero Comics                 Chastain I-J (Westin)



Monday, Sep 4

10:00 am

* Bernie Wrightson: In Memoriam                                                Chastain I-J (Westin)

11:30 am

* Women In Comics                                                                 Chastain I-J (Westin)

1:00 pm

* State of the Comics Industry 2017 & Beyond                            Chastain I-J (Westin)

2:30 pm

* Behind the Counter: Comics Retailers Unite!                         Chastain I-J (Westin)



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DragonCon 2017

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Keep checking back during the year for updates on Comics & Pop Art at DragonCon 2017!

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Programming – DragonCon Comics & Pop Art 2016

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Friday, Sep 2

10:00am                                                                                                                                                        * World’s Finest Comics Scholarship  Mart2 204 A

11:30 am                                                                                                                                                          * From Gotham to Geonosis   with Henry Gilroy  Mart2 204 FGH

*  Representations of Super/Women  Mart2 204 A

1:00 pm                                                                                                                                                                          *   Atlanta Radio Theater Performance  Hyatt International North

*  Larry Hama: The Art of Storytelling  Mart2 204 C

* Playing in Someone Else’s Sandbox -Writing Licensed Fiction   Mart2 204 A with Andrew E.C. Gaska, Bryan J.L. Glass, Jai Nitz, Bobby Nash

2:30 pm                                                                                                                                                                       *  Artists of Black Mask Studios  Mart2 204 A      with Joshua Hood, Megan Hutchison

4:00 pm                                                                                                                                                               *  Let’s Make a Hero  Mart2 204 C            with Comfort Love, Adam Withers, Bryan J.L. Glass

* The KABI Chronicles: The Edge  Mart2 204 A

5:30 pm                                                                                                                                                   * Collecting Original Art: A Tutorial  Mart2 204 C         with  Mark Brooks, Benno R.

* Covers, Covers, Covers  Mart2 204 A    with  Jenevieve Broomall, Megan Hutchison, Jason Metcalf

7:00 pm                                                                                                              * Marvel vs. DC Trivia  Mart2 204 A      With Van Allen Plexico

* Spotlight on Basil Gogos   Mart2 204 C

Saturday, Sep 3
10:00 am
* All Ages Pages             Mart2 204 A                                                                             with Bob Camp, Brenden Fletcher, Stephanie Gladden, Don Rosa, Andy Runton

11:30 am
*History, Race, and Nationalism                  Mart2 204 A

*Spotlight on Jim Steranko                           Mart2 204 C

1:00 pm
*Jack Davis: In Memoriam      Mart2 204 C    with William Stout, Derick Yaniger, Benno R.

*Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary   Mart2 204 A        with Jose Delbo, Tom Heintjes

2:30 pm
* Batgirl Runs into Motor Crush   Mart2 204 A                                                                       with Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, Babs Tarr

*Frank Brunner: The World of the Sorcerer Supreme & Talking Ducks    Mart2 204 C

4:00 pm
*Let’s Make a Villain   Mart2 204 C       with Comfort Love, Adam Withers, Henry Gilroy, Nate Powell

*Making Ha-Ha with Harley Quinn  Mart2 204 A       with Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti

5:30 pm
*Art of Indie Comics   Mart2 204 A                                                                                          with Ted Naifeh, Dietrich O. Smith, Mark Dos Santos, Rich Tommaso

*The Many Worlds of Cameron Stewart       Mart2 204 C

7:00 pm
*Disability and Trauma         Mart2 204 A

Sunday, Sep 4
10:00 am
Big Owly Hootenanny     Mart2 204 A    with Andy Runton

Building a Universe – Creating Entire Worlds from Scratch       Mart2 204 C                       with Andrew E.C. Gaska, Bryan J.L. Glass

Green Arrow 75th Anniversary with Mike Grell             Mart2 204 FGH

11:30 am
All New All Different Marvel               Mart2 204 A                                                                 with Peter David, Sanford Greene, Afua Richardson

Art Adams: Modern Master                Mart2 204 FGH                                                         with Arthur Adams, Mark Meer

1:00 pm
The Tiki Pop Phenomenon               Mart2 204 A                                                                with Michael Gordon, Derek Yaniger

2:30 pm
March One More Time                Mart2 204 A                                                                     with John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, Nate Powell, Tom Heintjes

4:00 pm
Marvel in the ’80s        Mart2 204 FGH                                                                               with Arthur Adams, Mike Baron, Peter David, Larry Hama

The Macabre Mind of Jonathan L. Howard         Mart2 204 A

The Rise of Comic-Geek Culture             Mart2 204 C                                                   with Marty Fleischmann, Paul Jenkins, Emma Loggins, Chris Stuckey

5:30 pm
Remembering Darwyn Cooke       Mart2 204 A                                                                    with Mark Brooks, Jimmy Palmiotti, Jim Steranko, Dexter Vines, Thom Trainor

Ren & Stimpy 25th Anniversary with Bob Camp         Mart2 204 C

7:00 pm
Horror in Clay Tiki Mug Meetup                 Mart2 204 C    with Jonathan Chaffin

Monday, Sep 5
10:00 am
Dynamic Female Characters        Mart2 204 A                                                             with Joyce Chin, Amanda Conner, Afua Richardson, Babs Tarr

Star Wars Comics: In a Galaxy Far, Far Away                 Mart2 204 FGH                        with Mark Brooks, Henry Gilroy, Dexter Vines, Timothy Zahn

11:30 am
Indie Comics Writers                  Mart2 204 A                                                             with Bryan J.L. Glass, Paul Jenkins, Dean Motter, Jai Nitz, Jimmy Palmiotti

1:00 pm
Comics in the College Classroom           Mart2 204 A

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Comics & Pop Art Programming 2016

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Stay tuned for Programming from Dragon Con Comics & Pop Art 2016!

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2015 Programming – Full Weekend 9/3 – 9/7 (updated on 8/31)

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Thursday, September 3

7:00PM Preview/ Meet Up


Friday, September 4
10:00AM The State of Superhero Cinema – A discussion with prominent film bloggers about current and upcoming superhero movies!
with Spencer Perry, Donna Dickens, & Matt Goldberg

11:30AM Comics, Trauma, & Psychiatric Disorders  (Hanover F) -with: Austin Hendricks, Kari Storla

11:30AM Milkfed Criminal Masterminds – with: Matt Fraction, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Lauren McCubbin     (Inernational North)

1:00PM A Safe Space for Female Readers – with: Gwenda Bond & Lauren McCubbin

2:30PM The Power of Perez! – with George Perez   Moderator: Mark Meer    (Hanover F)

2:30PM Gateway to Comics – with: Gwenda Bond, Chandra Free, Josh R. Trujillo (International North)

4:00PM Creator on Creator: Brian Pulido & Jamie Tyndall  (Hanover F)

4:00PM DC vs. Marvel Trivia with Van Allen Plexico  (International South)

5:30PM Complete Guide to Creating Comics Day 1 (Concept, Writing, Marketing) -with: Comfort Love & Adam Withers, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Andrew E.C. Gaska, Frank Mastromauro, Jimmy Palmiotti

7:00PM Carol Corps Presents  – Meet-up with: Kelly Sue DeConnick  (Regency V)

7:00PM Of Monsters & Super(Men)  (Hanover F) -with: Corey Goergen, Shanna Early, Stephanie Larson

8:30PM Roundtable: History of Gender & Race in Comics – with: Daniel Amrhein, Matthew J. Brown, Jonathan Gayles, Kari Storla (2.5 hours)


Saturday, September 5
10:00AM Wonder Woman & Greek Mythology – with: Daniel Amrhein, Matthew J. Brown

11:30AM All Ages Pages – with: Bob Camp, Ted Naifeh, Andy Price, Andy Runton, Jeremy Whitley

1:00PM Golden Age Comics: The Alchemy of Al Bellman – with: Al Bellman     Moderator: Tom Heintjes

1:00PM S.T.E.R.A.N.K.O    DECLASSIFIED   -with: Jim Sternako &  J. David Spurlock   (International North)

2:00PM Complete Guide to Creating Comics Day 2 (Designing Characters/Drawing Pages) -with: Comfort Love & Adam Withers, Jennie Breeden, Alex Konat, V. Ken Marion        (Hanover F)

2:00PM The New DC Universe   -with: Amanda Conner,  Brenden Fletcher,  Van Jensen,  Jimmy Palmiotti,  Babs Tarr    (International North)

4:00PM An Hour with Matt Fraction

5:30PM The Frazetta Legacy   – with: The Frazetta Girls, J. David Spurlock

7:00PM BEASTIE BOYS: A Creature Art Panel   – with:  Matt Frank,  William Stout

8:30PM ARTC Speaks The Magic Word – Celebrate Shazam’s 75th Anniversary with ARTC!  (International North)

8:30PM Roundtable: Race, Gender, & Sexuality in Comics  -with: Kelly Sue DeConnick, Laurenn McCubbin, Daniel Amrhein, John Flowers, Tini Howard, Kari Storla    (2.5 hours) (Hanover F)


Sunday, September 6
10:00AM Owly Arts & Crafts Hour (bring the kids)
with Andy Runton

11:30AM Rogues & Outlaws    – with: Jai Nitz,  Jimmy Palmiotti,  Ande J. Parks

1:00PM Self – Publishing Comics   – with: Joe Benitez,  Jennie Breeden,  Maki Naro,  Josh R. Trujillo (Hanover F)

1:00PM Matt Fraction & Kelly Sue DeConnick – Autograph Session (International Hall South – Marriott ) 1 hour length

2:30PM MARCH Again – With Congressman John Lewis   – with: Andrew Aydin & John Lewis   Moderator:  Tom Heintjes

4:00PM Complete Guide to Creating Comics Day 3 (Digital Coloring & Lettering) – with: Comfort Love & Adam Withers,  Chandra Free,  Peter Steigerwald,  Yale Stewart,  Thomas Zahler

4:00PM Harley, Kara, & Kori  (Harley Quinn, Power Girl, & Starfire) – with: Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti                        (Marriott A601-A602)

5:30PM The New Gotham   – with: Breneden Fletcher  &  Babs Tarr

7:00PM Cosplay Live Drawing with Pierre Bernard   (2.5 hours)  (Westin Augusta Ballroom)

7:00PM The Good Girls of Good Girl Art  – with: Jenevieve Broomall, Joyce Chin, Afua Richardson, Babs Tarr

8:30PM Diversity & Sexuality in Comics – with: Ally Pelphrey, Josh R. Trujillo, Jonathan Flowers, Daniel Amrhein

10:00PM Con Culture & The Changing Face of Fandom – with: Chris Brennaman, Moly Dilts, Kari Storla


Monday, September 7
10:00AM Comics and Feminism – with: Molly Dilts, Tini Howard

11:30AM Kelly Sue DeConnick  In Focus -with: Kelly Sue DeConnick, Ahmed Younis, Chandra Jenkins, John Flowers

1:00PM  DC Comics & Cultural Studies – with: Durf Humphries, Jessica Dambruch

2:30PM Comics in the Classroom – with: Elizabeth Perkins,


** Of course, anything is subject to change and will be noted in the Dragon Con app and the Daily Dragon





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