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Friday, Sep 1

10:00am                                                                                                                                                        * Star Wars Animated & Comics Extended Universe          Chastain I-J (Westin)

11:30 am                                                                                                                                                          * Adam West Remembered: A Fanboy’s Gateway             Chastain I-J (Westin)

1:00 pm                                                                                                                                                          *The Big 2 vs. Indie Comics                                              Chastain I-J (Westin)

*  Non-Traditional Visual Storytelling                              Hanover C-E (Hyatt)

2:30 pm

*  Let’s Make a Hero                                                    Chastain I-J (Westin)

4:00 pm                                                                                                                                                          * All Ages Pages                                                                Chastain I-J (Westin)

5:30 pm                                                                                                                                                          * Motor Crush                                                           Chastain I-J (Westin)

7:00 pm

* Racial Representation in Marvel                                   Chastain I-J (Westin)

* DC Comics Rebirth                                                   International North (Hyatt)

8:30 pm

* Dark Tower: Comic vs. Movie vs. Novel                      Chastain I-J (Westin)

10:00 pm

* Sex & Gender Issues in Comics                                      Chastain I-J (Westin)



Saturday, Sep 2
10:00am                                                                                                                                                        * Making of the Dragon Con Badge Art                                     Chastain I-J (Westin)

11:30 am                                                                                                                                                          * Licensed Comic Characters: More Than Meets The Eye      Chastain I-J (Westin)

1:00 pm                                                                                                                                                          *The World of Buffy and Angel In Comics                                      Chastain I-J (Westin)

*  Milkfed Criminal Masterminds: Matt & Kelly Sue                   Centennial I (Hyatt)

2:30 pm

*  Fashion In Comics                                                                     Chastain I-J (Westin)

4:00 pm

* Let’s Make a Villain                                                                   Chastain I-J (Westin)

* Aftershock Comics                                                              International South (Hyatt)

5:30 pm

* Deadpool In The 90’s with Joe Kelly                                   Chastain I-J (Westin)

* Horror Comes to Archie Comics                                          International South (Hyatt)

* Marvel vs. DC Trivia                                                             Hanover C-E (Hyatt)

7:00 pm

* Educational Developmental Role of Comics                        Chastain I-J (Westin)

* 100th Anniversary of Comics Legends: Jack Kirby & Will Eisner

International South (Hyatt)

8:30 pm

* Van Jenson U.S. Ambassador of Comic Books                      Chastain I-J (Westin)

* Love Is Love: The Orlando Shooting Benefit Comic              International North (Hyatt)

10:00 pm

* Comics Studies Roundtable                                                        Chastain I-J (Westin)



Sunday, Sep 3

8:30 am

*  Digital Inking With Vector Art                                                 Chastain I-J (Westin)

10:00 am

*  The Big Owly Hootenanny                                                         Chastain I-J (Westin)

11:30 am

*  The Art of the Tiki                                                                   Chastain I-J (Westin)

1:00 pm

*  Judging Comics By The Cover                                                   Chastain I-J (Westin)

* Teen Titans and Young Justice In Comics                                  Regency V (Hyatt)

2:30 pm

* Storytelling With Larry Hama                                                    Chastain I-J (Westin)

* Creating Your Own Worlds                                                         Regency V (Hyatt)

4:00 pm

* Wonderful World of Disney & Henson Comics                       Chastain I-J (Westin)

* Image Comics: 25th Year Anniversary                                 International North (Hyatt)

5:30 pm

* Dark Horse Through The Years                                                   Chastain I-J (Westin)

7:00 pm

* Philosophy In Brightest Day, Blackest Night                           Chastain I-J (Westin)

* Superman Vs. The Elite: Screening with Live Q&A            International North (Hyatt)

8:30 pm

* Race, Gender, & Culture in Comics                                             Chastain I-J (Westin)

10:00 pm

* Politics, Power, & The Other in Superhero Comics                 Chastain I-J (Westin)



Monday, Sep 4

10:00 am

* Bernie Wrightson: In Memoriam                                                Chastain I-J (Westin)

11:30 am

* Women In Comics                                                                 Chastain I-J (Westin)

1:00 pm

* State of the Comics Industry 2017 & Beyond                            Chastain I-J (Westin)

2:30 pm

* Behind the Counter: Comics Retailers Unite!                         Chastain I-J (Westin)



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